Wow, what a great concept, no more expired coupons. All you do is visit, find a place to save, show your card if shopping local or use the exclusive EZSAVE codes if shopping on line. All business should be part of this. It is so “EZ” for the consumer.

Lisa – Wheeling, IL



EZSAVE has saved me money on dining, home improvements, auto repairs and more. The site is very easy to navigate so finding a place to save is very easy. I look forward to seeing more local business become part of the EZSAVE network.

Rhonda – Wheeling, IL


My EZSAVE Card practically paid for itself the first time I used it. I like the fact that I can save as often as I want and at both local and online stores. I am also glad I purchased a “Lifetime” membership card. Now I get to enjoy some great savings forever. Thanks EZSAVE

Rachael – Bloomingdale, IL



Using the EZSAVE Card sure beats clipping coupons. Now I don’t have to wait for new coupons to come out or worry about expiration dates. I have even saved money shopping online with EZSAVE’s awesome discount codes. Everyone should have an EZSAVE Card and all businesses should be part of the EZSAVE group.

Ann – Arlington Heights, IL



I have used the EZSAVE Card many times and have used this company for my wifes business with very positive results. I have saved money with the card and grown my wifes business through advertising – it’s a complete winning situation.

Scott – Hoffman Estates, IL